Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Northern Lights.

These lines are blurred 
These people hurt 
Life gave them pain
Hurt regret and sorrow- only these remain 

They flew off to another sky 
Wanted to explore a new them
They went off to the northern lights 

Slowly each saw what they'd never imagined
Little fractions of light melting their hearts away with each fragment 
They sat there in awe of what was happening 
Colours were dancing up in gods canvas
Greens blues and purples they saw every now and then
Falling from above - the most beautiful curtain 

And as every second made their heart beat faster 
It slowly made their scars lighter 
By the time the northern lights disappeared, 
So had their scars, traumas, their fears 

Sitting anew, they were pure beings 
Made of stardust and beautiful things 
They had been purified by the above skies 
Blessed by the beauty of the northern lights. 

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