Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I love learning. Learning new things. New experiences. And I think no school can teach me what the various people I've met have taught me. 
I love meeting new people. It's the best experience. It has in many ways shaped who I am. I chose. I chose from people, mostly from their behaviours what I liked and disliked and made them my own. 

School told me to be kind. 
But what I felt, what I experienced when someone was mean to me. That was what taught me to be kind. 

People around you will teach you more than anything else can. 

It's the experience you have with people that moulds you. Was a person good to you when you were broken ? Did it feel like god sent that person? Did it feel great? Do you want to be that person? 

I've only learnt from people and experiences. I notice only people and observe only behaviours. People are diverse. Behaviours are too. But in the end it's only as simple as this - 
"Are you a good person? Or are you not?" 

I ask myself this question often. I haven't done anything yet that can give me an answer. I hope someday though, some one will smile at me, and say thank you, and that day I might have achieved something in this little life. 

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