Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Life and the little things in between.

I grew up having a lot of issues in life. But you can't just say "I'm not going to live this life" or "I'm giving up." The moment you give up, you meet your end. 

For me the worst thing in life wasn't failure, the worst thing was not trying. Yes, you're not going to succeed always. Yes, you're going to get hurt, but that's part of life you know. Life isn't all great if you keep wining all the time. 
  Life is great because of the little things. Life, is this epic journey, where you meet people, you get hurt, you're loved, you also hurt others, knowing or unknowingly and most importantly, you keep moving. 

Yes there is a lot of pain in change, in changing, in moving, in constantly searching for that spark that keeps you alive. 
  But nothing is more painful than just staying where you are. Just still, with nowhere to go and no place to come from. To only exist, to do nothing but waste oxygen. 
To realise no dream, to appreciate no being, to not be awed by the beauty of this world. 

Yes I could've done that and let my issues eat me up, but there was this one time when I walked outside, breathe in that fresh, crisp air and looked at the stars shine, so bright yet so dull. So full of light and yet not as bright as the sun. So many things all at the same time and realised I wasn't very different from them. 

And since then I haven't been able to walk back inside.