Saturday, 19 April 2014

We grew up too fast.

We grew up too fast. 

It's sad you don't think? 

Life's changed too fast and too often. 
We knew things we shouldn't have known. 

Saw things we shouldn't have seen. 

Felt things we shouldn't have felt.

Let tears flow when they shouldn't have.

Let our hearts be broken when they shouldn't have. 

Let our minds explode over thoughts that shouldn't have been thoughts in our minds at all. 

We let our situations make us go crazy when they shouldn't have. 

We let ourselves be conquered by materialism when we shouldn't have. 

When the breathe of fresh air was right there we breathe in the smoke. 

When life was giving us sunshine we hid. 

When rain stopped by we fled.

The age when life was only supposed to be a four letter we searched for meaning and made life complicated when we shouldn't have. 

We grew up too fast. 
When we shouldn't have.