Thursday, 31 July 2014

What's a war going to kill 
In this dead heart of mine
My breathes are for the namesake 
Only mocking this time 

Little is left to break and shatter 
All that's left of me Is hurt and anger 
Kill me, cut me open 
There'd be no blood to spatter 

What's a bullet going to do 
They've pierced my skin 
Through and through

What's a war going to kill
They say they take away everything you built 
But what's a bullet going to do 
When you're lifeless, every single part of you 

When you're already so dead 
Just so through and through 
Tell me, What's a War going to do 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


It rained yesterday and it was a different kind of rain. There was no cold and no warmth to it. The rain was just rain, only water flowing down and as it trickled down my window I thought about how beautiful the rain was to me, how much I loved the rainy season, how much I adored the weather and I thought about how the rain was beautiful to me whether I saw it make pathways down my window, silently from inside or whether I was outside splashing the water away noisily. And it made me want to be the rain. I wanted to be the same inside and outside. I wanted to be the same to your eyes whether you looked at me at 5 am or  7pm. I didn't want to be beautiful, but I wanted to be me, through and through. The rain leaves a certain kind of smell and taste in your mouth even after the downpour stops and I wanted to leave that taste in your mouth, I wanted to leave that sight in your eyes. 

It rained the entire night and in the fresh dewy after morning of the rains, I went out to get the newspaper and the headline read "Acid rains flood the city, do not leave....." And what it said after that I do not remember, because I kept the newspaper down and realised that maybe I was meant to be rain, only the acidic kind, the one that was deceptive, the one that looked like every other rain but one that was true to itself only when you felt it with your heart. The one that was the same to your eyes, but the one that burnt your skin. The one that left a taste in your mouth, but a bitter acidic taste nonetheless. 

Yes, I was meant to be rain indeed, only the acidic kind.