Saturday, 28 June 2014


I am chaotic. Sad. Alone. Depressed. Maybe even a lunatic. 
I'm alone in a crowd. I'm at peace only with my demons. I am everything you'd not imagine me to be. 
As I said, I'm sad. But what I'm not is a sad story. 
I'm not a sad story. 
I'm not an example of a life not well lived. I'm not an example of a person not well loved. 

I'm all things negative yet I'm not negativity itself. I'm the ray of hope I need. 
I am my own sunshine and my own rain. 
My demons are just that - MY OWN. I'm not afraid of others. 
My fights are not with people but with myself. 
My competition is me. My bar is set to defeat the "me" of the past and to become better than the "me" of the future.

I may be alone but I am not lonely. I have my family, friends and myself. And that is all I need in this world. The identity of the being within me. The being that I am. 
All that I need is the clarity of my likes, dislikes, aims and ambitions. 
All I need is 


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