Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Girl Who Had It All.

So she sat there. Her wobbly feet had been running forever. She felt drowsy, dizzy. Her life...she couldn't remember it. Or maybe she didn't want to. Either ways her life appeared as a blur. She cried and cried and cried until every drop of water was out of her now dehydrated body. Just a few minutes ago, she had a family, amazing friends and everything else that the world would envy. And now... Now she'd left it all behind. 
"Why?" She asked herself and maybe the only reason was because she was not happy. She looked down at herself. Her Dior dress. Her diamond bracelet. Her Loubotins. 
Passerby's would quite often say "oh wow, look at that girl. Does she have it all or what?" 
   While she would feel hideous in the prettiest dress. While she would feel lonely in the crowdest place. She had decided that it was her. She was the problem. She thought of how someone couldn't be happy if they had the things she  had.
But then she realised. What did she have ? 
A dad too busy taking phone calls, making money? 
A mother who was always at her little parties ? An elder sister, the kind who overshadowed everything the younger one did ? 

Yes. She was the girl who had it all.

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