Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Stars Shine Down.

''I wish I could fly daddy," said a dreamy little voice. Her father turned towards her, his eyes even dreamier from the stars he was gazing at for the past hour while laying on the grass with his daughter. He said, " I wish I could fly too. It would be the best thing wouldn't it?" He paused, feeling like a twelve year old all over again. That twelve year old boy had always wanted to make a home up there in one of the stars. He loved looking at the stars. When he was young his father would tell him amazing stories about stars. Stories that elevated him, made him feel ethereal.
 His daughter said, "Yes daddy. Then I could fly to Disneyland whenever I wanted." "What would you do daddy ?"she asked.  He replied, " I wouldn't let you go to Disneyland. Instead I would take all of us to one of the stars up there and make a home, and we'd live there forever." His daughter smiled. 
He continued, "You know whenever you're happy, a star is born in the galaxy." She looked at him with utter surprise and said, "Really daddy ? Really? " "Oh yes really," he said. She thought for a moment and asked, "Then what happens when we're sad?" 
"When we're sad," he paused and said,
"The stars shine down
 And watch us live 
 Our little lives 
 And weep for us."
    - Monet Nodlehs. 

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