Sunday, 15 December 2013

No Aperture.

She lay in between so torn
Waiting for a new light, for new rays of hope,
But there would be no tomorrow, she knew
Tomorrow there would be no dawn.

Her hands weak and shaky,
Her breathe barely there,
Her eyes red and blurred,
From the tears of the pain she'd bared.

Too much came along, 
Too much for her little heart
She burst into fits of anger
And slowly fell apart.

This little soul she tries, she tries,
To fight the tears, to fake the smiles,
This timid creature she cries, she cries,
Body weak from the journey of a thousand miles. 

She lay in between so torn, 
No longerfinding light, no longer finding hope,
She let go of her body and there she goes,
Her neck helpless to the pull of the rope.  

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